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I have been blogged about "Batman: Arkham Knight" in the past, and I have made the bold prediction that it would be the Game of the Year. The game is the final instalment of the series that started back with "Arkham Asylum" in 2009 and a sequel "Arkham City" in 2011.

Not only does "Arkham Knight" stand tall as the best in the series, but it also has an incredible shot at getting that game of the Year title. If nothing else, the game gives the ultimate Batman experience that will not be easy to top.

Another night in Gotham

At its core, "Arkham Knight" follows a similar trend as the previous games - Batman sets out to stop some of Gotham's most infamous supervillains from destroying the city. The game takes place one year after the events of "Arkham City" and Halloween of all nights. Fittingly enough, Scarecrow threatens to unleash his fear toxin on the city, which forces most of the residents to flee.

Scarecrow is accompanied by a mysterious figure known as the Arkham Knight - who strikes somewhat similarly to Batman - and an entire militia that lays siege to the city. All the while, notable villains such as Two-Face, Penguin and other gangs plague the city in its state of chaos.

Gotham quickly finds itself in a tight spot

Batman dons his mantle, along with his all-new Batmobile, and descends upon the city to save it from utter destruction. That story might sound predictable, but I found this one to be the most engaging of the trilogy. The best thing about this game's story is that it takes the player into Batman's head to explore his psyche.

What I will say is that as a fan, I've always seen Batman for what he is on the surface.

A masked vigilante who beats crooks to a pulp at night and a lavish billionaire during the day. "Arkham Knight" took me behind the cowl and deep into Bruce Wayne's mind, and it was a frightening yet satisfying experience to the very end. Some twists and turns had me second-guessing many things, and that sense of uncertainty was gripping.

The only negative thing about the experience is that the Arkham Knight's identity was a letdown, but even then, it made sense given some wider context of the Batman universe. He also becomes an afterthought as the game comes to its conclusion, which was a little disappointing.

The only other criticism is I would have liked to have seen more of Batman's allies. Catwoman, Robin and Nightwing all make appearances in the game to help Batman in his cause, even if he insists on doing the job alone.

Hitting the streets

Gotham is massive in "Arkham Knight." The city is separated into different islands, all of which have a unique setting. The game has an open-world approach, and players can explore each island after some progress is made in the main story. The game also does a great job giving the player the freedom to do as they please outside of the main story. Players can choose different missions, ranging from thwarting Penguin's money operations to training Azrael to become the next Caped Crusader.

These can be undertaken almost at will, or if you're rushing to see the credits roll, you can ignore them. Throughout the game, I loved having that ability—the main mission to save Catwoman from the Riddler or stop Two-Face from robbing Gotham's banks. Graphically, the city is an absolute spectacle to see when gliding through the night or speeding through the streets. When soaring overhead, I could see cop cars chasing criminals through the streets or a patrol of militia members marching in line through the street.

The game gives a beautifully dire depiction of Gotham. Even when the city is in serious trouble, and things don't look good at all - somehow, the city is still a marvel to look at. Even the little things, like watching the rain trickle on Batman's cowl, are expertly done and look incredible.

Some framerate drops happened from time to time, but nothing took away from experience overall.

Controlling the Bat

If you've played these type of games in the "Arkham" series, then "Arkham Knight" is going to feel very familiar. The game's combat controls and mechanics are largely the same, but the experience feels a lot smoother and fluid. The one addition I liked was the "Fear" takedowns, which are essentially group takedowns in true Batman fashion.

Once a meter filled up, and as long as Batman was hidden, I could ambush nearby enemies in groups. If they had firearms, they would fire frantically at Batman as he systematically took them out.

It's a helpful ability when a group of thugs are heavily armed, but it also looks and feels awesome. The collision during combat takes a hit like in previous games. Some of the punches and kicks, especially when the camera zooms up when the last thug is being taken down, blatantly miss, and it can be pretty annoying.

Behind the wheel

The game admittedly plays it safe with the combat, but the biggest risk Rocksteady took was with the Batmobile. That risk paid off.

Controlling the Batmobile did take some getting used to, but soon enough, I was speeding through the city with ease as I chased down bad guys or rushed to the next mission. I also loved how destructible my surroundings were. If I cut a corner too soon, I'd plough through the corner of the building.

Bridge column in my way during a high-speed chase? It came down as I continued the pursuit. The Batmobile provides a nice change of pace from gliding, even if it's a little over-the-top. There are also fights with enemy drones, which can be a little annoying, but it adds a little more depth to the game instead of constantly fighting waves of soldiers or thugs.

Interestingly enough, Batman can shoot and plough over enemies and continue on his way. Batman doesn't kill, right?

The developers cleverly gave the Batmobile the ability to shock criminals that I hit, so I'm assuming that their injuries were minor.

But are you shooting them? I have to guess that they were either rubber or plastic.

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