Residential Evil Everything You are Embarrassed to Ask

Resident Evil 7: Biozard will arrive today, January 24, and with it, the first great and terrifying game of 2017. The great match serves as a breath of fresh air for the series and a return to the horrifying roots that compelled the original game.

This is your first wrench through the Resident Evil franchise, or you're just interested in learning more, we're here to get you started.

Remaining 7: What is the resident devil?

The textbook answers that Resident Evil 7: BioHazard is the latest survival horror game of Cape Cod in its long and terrifying series. It's usually part of Resident Evil's main "Junded" entries, but the franchise includes about a dozen games, including well-remixed, Spin Office, and more.

Since the first game began in 1996, the series has changed a bit. At first, the horror of survival was overwhelming. The players were thrown into a zombie-infested mansion where they needed to fight puzzles to solve puzzles and escape. Supply was limited, increasing the suspension of each encounter. It began to focus more on run and gun operations as the series progressed.

By the time Resident Evil 6 was released in 2012, the series had become a bloated, multi-faceted story with instantaneous events requiring the player to quickly point a button on the screen.

Resident Evil 7, meanwhile, is poised to return to Capcom's traditional frightened return. The third personal theory used in the game series is based on individual perspectives and forces players to crawl under the powerful sense of order and sound.

What's with that name?

Biozard is a "hint" of the game's plot, as well as a hint of the name of the series in Japan, which is ... Yes, it's Biozard. (In the West, this series has always been known as Resident Evil.) As a result, in Japan, this particular game is called Biohard 7.

Resident Evil. Okay, so what is it?

I'll save you the details of a lot of spoilers, but in this game, you play by the name of Ethan, a man looking for his missing wife, Mia. Ethan went to Louisiana to find the answer after watching a series of tapes that suggest Mia is alive. His search takes him to the Baker family's landlord, and that's enough to say, and they're not very friendly.

How does Residential evil play?

As I mentioned earlier, this is a first-person game. Residential evil game is heavy on exploration, which means you will spend more time in this awesome old house looking for clues and solving puzzles. There are villains that you will have to fight with all the necessary equipment to fight for your survival, but you will also spend a lot of time hiding and plotting your next theft. Or, more likely, gather your courage.

Why do I need to play it?

Resident Evil 7 is available on many platforms such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. If you have a PS4 version and a strong belly, you can also play it with the PlayStation Headset.

Do I need to play other types of games first?

The game is technically after Resident Evil 6 and has to do with the overall series, but RE7 is mostly standalone. If players want to know what happened in the previous games and who is the most talked-about villain and hero, you can always surf the franchise's wiki pages. Falling in is a fun rabbit hole.

Okay, but if I didn't want to play one of the other games, where would I start?

Assuming you already want to experience the game, H.D. The remake is an easy way to get back on time without sacrificing every modern quality. If you are ready to start anywhere, of course, start with Resident Evil 4. It's more exciting than the early games, but it's worth it. It is also accessible to newbies and features the best hero of the series, Leon S. Kennedy. There are so many things to love Leon (her hair, her jacket), but this one-liner video says it all. Like, sometimes literally, so maybe you don't watch this video if you care about spoilers.

What about all these devils?

Oh yeah, so technically, at E3 2015, three Resident Evil 7 demos are starting with "Kitchen". There was a tech demo for Kitchen Project Morpheus. PlayStation VRV code name. - Resident Evil was officially announced before 7 p.m. In the demo, you play a role in a kitchen. It's only a few minutes long, and we say everyone involved has a problem.

Finally, shortly after the game was unveiled at E3 2016, Capcom released the "Beijing Hour" demo and the third "Lantern" demo. The footage about Lantern Mia comes from tapes, but Beijing Hour aims to serve as a standalone experiment with Resident Evil 7 and Konami's infamous P.T.P.T. There was a demo.

These demos show the play style of Resident Evil 7 or even its V.R. Experiment; they drum up questions related to the mystery of the game, adding some strange ingredients of their own.

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