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Four Hours with Resident Evil 7 biohazard

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Without taking a few chances, A franchise doesn't survive for more than 20 years. Case in point: Resident Evil 4, which is famously series tradition by shifting to an over-the-shoulder camera perspective and a more aggressive playstyle.

Resident Evil 7 biohazard is going full-blown FPS with PlayStation V.R. mode, with the series at another crossroads. Based on the four hours I played last week at Capcom's U.S. headquarters, I think the new approach injects confidence into the iconic horror series.

Secret Information about Residents Evil 7

I'll keep story details broad to minimize spoilers. You play as Ethan Winters, an everyman finding for his missing wife in the backwaters of Louisiana. Ethan is abducted by the Baker family early in the game, a band of degenerate locals who bear more than a passing resemblance to the Peacock family from that one episode of X-Files.

I was free to roam the Baker estate claustrophobic hallways, a sprawling house that radiates sickness and contamination at every turn. Animal carcasses festoon the walls, and every surface is encrusted with gore. It's a carnival of carnage.

Resident Evil 7 is still a good survival-horror game despite the new FPS gameplay style. You'll encounter doors "locked from the other side," fret over which weapons and supplies to bring into the field and solve environmental puzzles using artefacts like the trusty Crank. One welcome explanation comes in the form of mixable chemicals, which you can combine with gunpowder, herbs, and other items to craft valuable supplies in the field.

Enemy encounters (again, I'm trying to be wide here) are tough and tense, thanks to very little ammunition and unannounced permanence. A design in which members of the Baker family see the halls freely pursuing the halls reminds me of the xenomorph of alien solitude.

I also enjoyed the cap work experience with the new storytelling tools, including VHS tapes that allow you to view and play the story from other characters' perspective. All the while, a mysterious informant checks through the scattered phones in your home.

Although I can only play on a standard HDTV, it's easy to see where the PlayStation V.R. It will bring a disturbing new dimension to an already great looking title.

Resident Evil 7 BioHazard releases on PS4 on January 24th. After my play session, I will count these days.

This game makes me proud to finally bring Resident Evil back to the roots of its survival horror. Resident Evil 1, 2, 3 Nemesis, Code Veronica and Zero are like the only games in the main Resident Evil series (unless you count the spread games) that rely on survival and horror (hence the "Horror of Survival"). Name) Gender). Yes, Resident Evil 4 has some survival horror elements, but it's an action shooter game. 5 and 6 are disappointing in the absence of any surviving horror elements, which is why I'm looking forward to Resident Evil 7.

If you played Beijing Hour, you encountered one of these footage type segments where you were introduced to the crew of the movie "Sewer Gators" and observed their serious fate. This time, you'll see a tape titled "Mia", and you'll find some of the other parts of the house you saw in the Beginning Hour, as well as other characters, including Marjorie. ۔

What does Marguerite desire with her, and will she escape? Who is the beautiful and young woman in the videotape? While the young woman may focus on this particular found-footage videotape segment, you won't be playing as her in the main game.

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