Resident Evil 7 and the power of narrative context

Resident Evil 7 developed out a couple of months ago, also called one of the best game series and was generally perceived as being "back to top form. To me, it felt like Resident Evil got back to its roots by telling a compelling story and used that experience to empower. To understand its meaning, let's first consider the Resident Evil Game (1996).

As I know most of you, the first resident, Evil Dunk (1992), was very much affected by loneliness, and the whole setup was over. Now the only problem in this darkness is that it is very clumsy. The controls are not very responsive and very slow, and the default camera angles make it difficult to get a good idea of the surroundings. Resident Evil has improved a bit, but most of the basic problems remain. Compared to games like Dom (1993), fighting games are much less engaging.

By wrapping the events of the game in a story, Resident Evil attacks this issue. Consider your first encounter with zombies:

You enter a room, see someone sitting on the floor. It turns and reveals itself. Arg! You pull out your gun, shoot the zombie once or twice, and manage to kill him.

The fight in this scenario is not very interesting in itself. The room is small, so you can't move too much, and combat controls don't help much. You can't decide where the goal is. You have to turn your character in the right direction and press the attack button until the zombie dies (or possibly just run out of the room). From a pure gameplay standpoint, it's not very interesting.

But when it is wrapped up in a narrative context, it suddenly becomes very interesting. Uncle control and limited camera angles work here to make the game useful. They make players feel like they are out of control, which is a direct indication of the approaching zombie situation. A tense and terrible situation arose.

By wrapping up the gameplay actions in storytelling, the experience is more than a collection of parts. Based on their merits, gameplay mechanics don't seem much of an interest. But when used in the right environment, they provide a much better purposeful experience than Doom's basic gameplay.

The other big aspect is resource management, which helps keep the game engaged for a long time. But again, this would mean that you have to spend on these processes. Making sure you have ammunition and fixing herbs is not just a numbers game. It turns into a survival scene by playing in the world of a zombie-infested mansion, which makes it even more interesting.

Over the years, Resident Evil has distanced itself from narrative context and focused on improving gameplay mechanics. Resident Evil 4 (2005) is the biggest step in this evolution.

The resident picks up the Evil 7, where he leaves first and pays close attention to the context described again. First of all, let's take a look at the battle of Resident Evil 7.

Indeed. IT, a horror story as horrific as its setting and a tribute to the Resident Evil 7 franchise's beginning on this front. Resident Evil 7 is named after Resident Evil 6, which occurs in modern times and revolves around an uninhabited garden mansion in rural America. Players must discover and escape the horrors of mysterious, vast realms.

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