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GTA Online Mode: New Bike Gangs Option

As a new update in GTAV, they take biking to the next level; we only purchase motorcycles or steal them and store them in garages. There will be new choices, such as joining bike gangs at any time, thanks to this brand new update. It will be in teams of 8, and each club will have managers that will lead their bike gangs. Recruit, move up gang members in the authority of the club. Such as presidents of the teams can promote the vice president, road captain, sergeant at arms, and the enforcer. Each role has its abilities. For instance, we are dropping body armor to calling hit squads to set riding organizations and starting difficulties among the gangs, which is a neat possibility to have fun even more in the GTA V world.

Clubhouses In GTA V

Your gang house, AKA Club House, is the center of operations. You can choose from 12 available locations and make your purchase through the new Mackay Bank forklift website. Thanks to this update, each gang house is complete with its bar and new and exciting activities such as darts and arm wrestling, the option to upgrade to a different wall and a custom bike shop in your home. More and more bikes, better-looking bikes and more are waiting for anyone and everyone to take gaming to the next level.

The gang houses include a meeting room where the president can use the "wall of agreements" to launch new clubhouse agreements—deeds" (from the GTAV official website). Also, groups will work against each other to get more flour at the end of the day.

Businesses Places in GTA V

There's more to this update GTA V than anyone expected. A new online business has opened up for motorcycle groups to trade goods and make more money. This will be a great way to monetize your missions, invest in the motorcycle community, and more. While playing this game, be careful and spend your money efficiently, or you will waste it all.

Thirteen New Vehicles

Thirteen more new vehicles will be added to this list. The list includes everything from sports bikes to helicopters that offer a whole new set of bikes customized and unique to your motorcycle group. Wouldn't you want to roll with your homies with sick ass bikes? And play they see me moving and they hating. From sleek, neon-accented night blood and charming, three-wheeled leather to the classic, rusty lines of a rat motorcycle, there are options for all types of riders available at Southern San Andreas Super Autos and Legendary Motorsports.

New Weapons & Melee

Bikers can eliminate opponents from your motorcycle seat, and Immune Nation is stockpiling new Battle X, Pool Cue and Pipe Wrench to help get rid of rivals quickly. Overflowing power is also available to knock opponents out of their seats automatically Sweeper Shotgun and Compact Grenade Launcher.

Tattoos And New Clothes

Whichever way you go with the group, there is a wide wardrobe of new styles to represent your commitment, with jackets, kits, helmets, and of course, plenty of liner and denim to choose from. Look and trim your bikers with a selection of new hairstyles and tattoos to make you more unique to others.

There will be various emblems to choose from, so your crew will be known more by their motorcycles and spread fear among other civilians and other GTA v bike gangs.

New Adversary Mode: Slipstream

Since there are bike gangs now, the GTAV community decided to add the new slipstream mode with each unit when they race. They can run as teams and kick the other clubs off their bikes while riding and claim the victory. Each victory comes with tons of RP and GTAV cash.

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